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Now offering free shipping on all orders over Rs 599.

Acne Patch

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Soothes and Hydrates:

  • It can help reduce redness and the visible appearance of acne & it also helps in soothing and Hydrating skin. improves the acne mark & reduces inflammation as well
  • It treats acne by unclogging the pores and shrinks the pimples.
  • It is best known for wound healing, treats stubborn acne scars.
  • The Acne Patch has natural antimicrobial properties that are proven to help in fighting acne and support the anti-aging process.
  • BBold Acne Patch has micro needless that rapidly infuse into the pimple, leaving active ingredients directly into the source of the pimple and healing the acne subcutaneously.
  • It is compatible with all types of skin.
  • Put on the acne patch for 8 hours for effective healing.
  • Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Salicylic acid, Gotu kola extract, Epigallocatechin Gallet, EGCG , Totarol.


Product Specifications:

Store in cool, dark, & dry places below 30 degrees census


BBOLD Acne Patch is a puissant healer of pimples and Acne. 

Do you ever have an episode of your skin being blemish-free for a few days but then suddenly showing signs of Acne?

Your embarrassment is over now!

Try our ground-breaking product BBOLD Acne Patch to treat your Acne and breathe new life into your skin.

Why choose BBOLD Acne Patch? 

Product Description:

BBold Patch has Microneedles that heal Acne subcutaneously. It is clear, matte, ultra-thin-edged, with microneedles. Despite being almost invisible, it blends well under makeup, is comfortable to wear, and does not leave a trace on the skin.

The product facilitates deep wound healing and treats deeper-rooted or cystic Acne by catering to the acne-fighting ingredients in the source of the affected area and heals from under the skin.

It is a gentle, non-drying sticker for acne compatible with all skin types, and takes 8 hours to heal.

 Key benefits:

Here are a few benefits of the wonder patch:

  • It is as comfy as it looks, and you can barely notice it is there.
  • The microneedles dissolve in the pimple and heal subcutaneously.
  • The patch unclogs pores and reduces sebum production, so the pimple bursts a few times.

Who can use the patch?

The patch is unisex and compatible with all types of skin. Anybody can use the patch to heal the pimple subcutaneously and likewise heal the Acne.

How to use the patch?

  • Wash and dry your hands before you touch the patch.
  • Clean and dry the sight of the application and apply the patch.
  • Try not to touch the microstructure, or you might destroy its effectiveness.
  • Position and secure the patch gently on the pimple for 5 seconds.
  • Do not remove it before 6-8 hours.


  • The patch is for single use.
  • Do not touch the microstructure of the patch.
  • Do not use the Acne patch on open wounds.
  • Avoid using the patch if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.
Use the Acne path as soon as you open it, or its ingredients could probably dissolve in the human environment.

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